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2wardsustainability: Together, building communities of sustainable competitive advantage

Towards sustainability (2wardsustainability) means less is more: the notion that simplicity and clarity lead to good design. We take time to listen and understand our clients' pain points and business goals, before coming up with bespoke solutions to help them make the greatest impact with least amount of resources.

As we reflect on our conversations with clients over the past year, we've identified the following issues to have the most impact on our work in 2023:

Trend #1

Revisiting people strategies in times of economic uncertainty

Undoubtedly, the last couple of years has challenged workers economically. Given the stress of economic uncertainty, how can organizations best support their employees as they face inflation, unexpected layoffs, and fears of a recession?

Trend #2

Talent attraction and retention in a candidate-driven market

What factors drive candidates to leave their current employers in search of new opportunities? As the fight for talent becomes more strategic, how can organizations rethink their selection processes and long-term employee development to ensure a good fit between their employees and the organization?

Trend #3

Ensuring inclusive environments and cultures

Organizations need to move beyond simply focusing on creating a diverse workforce. What work practices can they adopt to make environments more inclusive and demonstrate commitment to greater accessibility, belonging, and justice?

Trend #4

Leadership development and coaching

In order to successfully lead a modern, diverse workforce, leaders need more developmental opportunities and to receive continuous coaching. From research, we now know that effective leadership requires different skills, traits, and competencies than previously believed. Are organizations properly developing their leaders?

Trend #5

Psychological safety in the workplace

Psychological safety, a component of employee wellbeing, can be seen as a key ingredient to successful team outcomes like collaboration and innovation. However, some organizations struggle to understand what this term means and how to incorporate it into their culture. What factors are required to create a psychologically safe environment? How can an organization evaluate where they currently are and further enhance this across their employee population?

Trend #6

Reshaping work to address employee’s mental health

Solely focusing on treating the symptoms of employees' mental health is not effective. Organizations need to also reconstruct work in ways that decrease the demands placed on employees and promote long-lasting mental health. How can organizations best address mental health from a work design perspective?

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